Subjectivity and its Modes of Expression in Indic Traditions

An international workshop organised by the Oriental Institute was held on 9–10 May at the Czech Academy of Sciences. The workshop analysed varied ways in which subjectivity is expressed and understood within classical and modern Indian philosophy, literature, and art. While re-thinking the broader theoretical framework within which Indian subjectivities are studied, the papers explored a wide-range of interrelated themes, including self-identity, consciousness, emotion, the senses, autobiographical writing, gender, coloniality and biculturality. Attendees included renowned expert on Indian philosophy, Chakravarthi Ram-Prasad (Lancaster University, UK), as well as other distinguished scholars, such as Maria Heim (Amherst College, USA), Nalini Bushan (Smith College, USA), and Jaqueline Suthren Hirst (Manchester University, USA). A number of the participants of the workshop are collaborators on a forthcoming volume on emotions in Indian traditions, which will be published by Bloomsbury next year.